Monday, October 24, 2011

I Have Seen The Future Of Art, and It Is The Jetsons

I was walking around at RPI today in Troy, NY, and came across this EMPAC (Experimental Media and Arts Center) thing.

So what is this all about, this high tech futuristic stuff? It reminds me of that juvenile imagination of the glorious future we used to watch as kids on saturday mornings called the Jetsons. and then i looked harder, and something actually looked familiar. could it be? I had to check:

Yes, it's her! Jane Jetson! Million dollar serious performing arts center and it's modelled after a cartoon's hairdoo. Hopefully I will write a more detailed deconstruction of this hideous piece of architecture shortly.

Also, I'm taking up a collection to raise money to ship it off to the moon.

Ok, i realize that's an artist's conception, so i found this photo (see below):


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